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Transformer testing bench

Application of transformer testing bench:

The design of testing system is according to the transformer specification  which provided from customer.

The conditions of power source and operation:

  Input power source: 380V AC, 10%, frequency: 50Hz

  Working temperature: 0-40

  Altitude: 1500 meters

  Working environment: indoor with clear condition, or outdoor with no-dew

  Humidity: relative humidity is no more than 85%

Carried standard:

  JB/T 501-2006  Test guideline for power transformer

  IEC 60076-1 2000 Power transformers Part 1: General

  IEEE Std C57.12.01 - 2005 IEEE Standard

The purpose of  transformer testing bench

Using the transformer testing system can conduct the following test items:

   Measurement of winding resistance.

   Measurement of voltage ratio and phase displacement

   Check of polarity/vector group

    ◆  Measurement of short circuit impedance voltage and load losses.

    ◆  Measurement of No-load losses and No-load current

    ◆  Separate-source AC over voltage withstand test

    ◆  Induced over voltage withstand test.

    ◆  Measurement of partial discharge.  

    ◆  Temperature rise test.

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