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Electric testing lab & station

CNME is a professional design and engineering company for power transmission & distribution equipment manufacturing facilities and HV and LV testing stations & laboratories, with Ministry of Machinery Industry of China recognized know-how techniques.

CNME has successfully accomplished lots of international EPC projects such as Five PEDEEE 66/20kV Outdoor Substations in Syria, LV Apparatus Testing Laboratory of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd, 220kV Transformer Testing Laboratory of Dong Anh Transformer Corp (EEMC) in Vietnam, and 110kV Transformer Testing Laboratory of EMC Shuduc of Vietnam, which clearly indicate the strength of CNME in the field of international project EPC service.

 LV testing laboratory of Schneider Electric was built on EPC base by CNME International Co., Ltd. for testing ACB, MCCB,MCB, RCBO & RCCB,etc  as per IEC standard and Scheneider standard.

The  testing laboratory can perform temperature-rise test, life-span test, making & breaking test and so on.

CNME International Co., Ltd. has undertaken the design, supervision of civil works, supply of all related testing equipments, installation, commissioning and training to the operators of this  testing laboratory .


CNME has signed another EPC contract for design, supply complete set of testing equipments, installation and training of operators with Siemens for its latest testing lab in Suzhou China.

The EPC records of testing labs with Shneider Electric, Siemens and KEMA.


For more EPC projects undertaken by CNME, pls check the following performance list for reference.

Product Description

Major International Projects Undertaken by CNME:

CNME has undertaken more than 100 international projects both home and abroad. 

The major projects are listed as follows:

1. ABB-Shanghai Transformer Co. Ltd.
2. ABB-Hefei Transformer Co. Ltd.

3. ABB-Chongqing Transformer Co. Ltd.

4. ABB-Zhongshan Transformer Co. Ltd.

5. Siemens-Jinan Transformer Co. Ltd.

6. Toshiba-Changzhou Transformer Co. Ltd.

7. Vatech Elin Transformer Guangzhou Co. Ltd.

8. ABB-Xiamen Switchgear Co., Ltd.

9. XD-Mitsubishi Electric Switchgear Co., Ltd.

10. Schneider Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

11. Moeller Zhenjiang Co., Ltd.

12. Suzhou Alstom Switchgear Co., Ltd.

13. MWB (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

14. Xi’an IR Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

15. Xi’an ABB Capacitor Co., Ltd. (& Xi’an XD Capacitor Co., Ltd.)

16. Nissin Electric Wuxi Co., Ltd.(Wuxi Power Capacitor Works)

17. New Northeast Electric Jinzhou Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.

18. Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.

19. Power Distribution System of Qinhuangdao Coal Terminal, China, Phase I to IV

20.Power Distribution System of Beilungang Coal Terminal,China

21.Power Distribution System and Civil Works of Huangpu Coal Terminal,China

22.69/10kV Substations for Timeline Textile Co., Thailand

23.Five 66/20kV Outdoor Substations for PEDEEE ofSyria

24. Heavy Electric Complex of Pakistan (power transformers)

25. Rahad 12.6MW Diesel Engine Station for National Electric Corp. of Sudan

26. ADB Financed Thermal Power and Heat Distribution Projects in Xi’an, China

27. LV Testing Station of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

28. Siemens (Suzhou) Low Voltage Apparatus Testing Station

29. KEMA Quality Testing Services (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

30. 220kV Test Station in Dong Anh Transformer Works (EEMC) of Vietnam

31. 110kV Test Station in EMC Thuduc of Vietnam

32. Shenyang Panasonic Batteries Co., Ltd.

33. East China Can Co. Ltd.

34. Carnald Metal Box Beijing Can Container Co. Ltd.

35. Shenzhen Meit Can Co. Ltd.



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