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AC Dielectric Test system

The AC test transformer are especially designed for testing high voltage products and components, such as cables, power transformers, gas-insulated switchgears, bushings and arresters. It is also suitable to test insulation materials. They are used to generate testing high voltage and function as part of the complete system. These systems are particularly suited for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is inductive (inductive voltage transformers).

The AC test transformer can be either in insulation cylinder type with metallic cover and base or metal tank. The insulation cylinder modular test transformers can be stacked to connect in series or parallel to get larger voltage or current to extend its application range.

Product Description

Operating Conditions:

  • Altitude :≤1000m

  • Ambient Temperature:-5℃~+45℃

  • Relative Humidity:≤90%(at 25℃)

  • Max. Daily Temp. Difference:≤25℃

  • Anti Earthquake: ≤ Class 8

  • Geo climatic Horizontal Acceleration: 3.0m/s2

  • Geo climatic Vertical Acceleration: 1.5m/s2

  • - Waveform of power supply voltage is sine actually, and the waveform distortion rate is <3%

  • - Set a reliable earthing section, and its earthing resistance is <0.5 ohm

Applied Standards:

  • JB/T9641-1999       《Testing Transformer》

  • GB/T.311.1-1997 《Insulation and Coordinate of High Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution》

  • JB/T9641-1999       《Testing Transformer》

  • GB1094.1-1996       《Power Transformer》- Section 1:  General

  • GB1094.3-2003      《Power Transformer》- Section 3: Insulation and Insulation Test

  • GB1094.5-1985   《Power Transformer》- Section 5: Ability of Short-circuit Withstand

  • GB/T.311.1-1997 《Insulation and Coordinate of High Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution》

  • GB/T16927.1-1997 《Technique of High Voltage Test》- Section 1: General Requirements

  • GB/T16927.2-1997    《Technique of High Voltage Test》- Section 2: Measurement

  • GB/7354-2003        《Test of Partial Discharge》

  • JB/T501-2006        《Guidance of Transformer Test》

  • GB2536-1990         《Transformer Oil》

  • GB/T7252-2000  《Guidance of Analyses and Judgement of dissloved gas in transformer oil》

  • GB/T1094.10-2004    《Sound Glass Measurement of Transformer and Reactor》

  • JB8749-1998         《General Technique Requirement of Voltage Regulator》

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  • DL/T 848.3-2002   《General Technique Conditions of HV testing equipment》 - Section 3: PD-free Testing Transformer

  • DL/T 846.1-2002    《General Technique Conditions of HV testing equipment》- Section 1: Measurement System of HV Divider

  • GB/T11920-1989    《General Technique Conditions of centralized control devices of power plant electrical》

  • IEC60-1             《High Voltage Testing Technique》


 Main Equipments of the System:






Power Frequency PD free Testing Transformer(insulating shell)



Voltage Regulator



Capacitive Divider (double as coupling capacitor)


GWR100 – 10-0.1

Protective Resistor



Power Supply Noise Filter



Control Table unit



Measurement and Control Cable



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