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SF6 gas insulated test transformer

Application Range

Applied in power frequency voltage withstand test and partial discharge measurement test in laboratory or substation. High voltage output based on the theory of electromagnetic.

Test objects can be combined apparatus, insulation products, circuit breaker, disconnectorinstrument transformer and capacitor and other power apparatus


  • More choices in functional module and connectors.

  • Designed in compliance with the standard for power apparatus with high margin and good safety performance

  • High integration, less space demand, easy to move

  • Reasonable price and high performance cost ratio by comparison with international products

Product Description

Apparatus Application

  • Multi station switch: Can be equipped with multi station disconnector,singlethree-phase change over

  • switch and other test tank

  • Flexible bushing

  • outgoing: Can be equipped with outgoing bushing to meet different requirement

  • Different module

  • including standard

  • instrument transformer: Different module can be combined based on the different test.

  • Different tests by one test transformer: can be performed in different areas simultaneously

  • High voltage can be led to different areas . Tests in different areas can share One test transformer

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