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CT & VT Accuracy Measurement Testing System----General Type

1.Measure item: Ratio Error and Phase Error of the CT& PT

2.Complying with ANSI / IEEE C57.13 Standard or IEC 60044-1 Standard (According to the User`s requirements)

3.Testing system included:

  • HES Series Control Bench 

  • HES-1C Series Transformer Tester

  • FY Series Current Transformer Burden

  • HLS Series Standard Current Transformer (with Current Source) 

  • FY Series Voltage Transformer Burden

  • HJS Seires Standard Voltage Transformer (with Voltage Source)

  • High Current Testing Cables

  • Secondary Testing Cables of the CT&VT

Product Description

4.Function Profile of the HES Series Control Bench:

Input Voltage:AC 220V±10%  50/60Hz
Rated Capacity:10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA
Output Voltage:Provided the Coarse adjustment & Fine adjustment
CT Demagnetization Function:Provided the open-circuit & closed-circuit demagnetization
Protection functions:Provided overcurrent & overvoltage protection
The Bench can be installed:Transformer Tester, CT Burden, PT Burden etc.
The Bench Structure:Horizontal structure or Vertical structure

5.Operation Model:

Products DescriptionModelControl Model
Control BenchHES SeriesManual Adjustment
Digital Transformer TesterHES-1CAutomatically upload the error datas to PC
Standard CT (with Current Source)HLS SeriesManual Connection
Standard PT (with Voltage Source)HJS SeriesManual Connection
CT/PT BurdenFY SeriesManual Control

6. Remark:

Accuracy class of the Standard CT & PT0.05%, 0.02%, 0.01% or other
Primary current range of the standard CT:5-2000A. 5-3150A. 5-5000A 

or other current value, According to user`s 


Rated primary voltage value:6kV(6/√3kV), 10kV(10/√3kV), 20kV(20/√3kV), 35 kV(35/√3kV) 

or other voltage value, According to user`s 


Rated secondary voltage value:100V, 100/√3V, 100/3V 

or other voltage value, According to user`s 


Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz

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