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Meter test -- CNKP-S4100 Single phase withstand volatge test bench

CNKP-S4100 Withstand voltage test bench for single phase watt hour meter is developed by KAIPU.The equipment adopts high voltage output and test components which can be combined or separated, test process can be operated manually or automatically.

Input voltage:AC 200V ± 10% Output voltage: 0KV-5KV AC/50HZ , Accuracy:±5%
Output capacity:>500VA
Current leakage: Maximum current leakage: 100mA
Voltage test operation modes: manually or automatic
Time control: 0-99s ,Accuracy: ±5%

Number of meter to be placed: 10 (standard), 0-60 single phase watt hour meter optional
Max power consumption:500VA
Current leakage per meter position: 5mA±5%
Output waveform distortion <5%
Insulation resistance of voltage loop,current loop,other circuit to ground all large than 10MΩ
Operation environment temperature 0-45 degree,relative humidity not large than 85%
Dimension 2200x600x1920mm (48 position) cabinet 600x600x1200mm

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