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Portable test bench for Single phase meter

1. Introduction
KP-P1001-C single phase phantom load power source is a new generation, high stability single phase energy meter calibration phantom load power source(three phase It uses the advanced technology and electronic components available in 90 decade . The instrument can generate sine-wave voltage/current and phantom power to drive single phase energy meter, usually it is the main part of energy meter test bench

2. Feature and function
1) Equipped with electronic phantom load power source, assuring high stability, security and large output capacity.
2)Automatic adjustment of current measurement range. Fault self-detection in voltage amplifier and current amplifier.
3) Equipped with RS-232C interface, can be operated from software.
4) Test results can be saved to database, can be inquired from database and can be export to EXCEL file and then printed out.

Product Description

3. Technical specification

Specification of phantom load power source:
Power and consumption:
Power supply: 1P2W 220V±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz;
Max consumption: 400VA
Dimension: 480mm X 200mm X 450mm
Current source:
Output current: 1×0.01A - 1×100A
Adjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.001A)
Power factor: -1.0 ~ 1.0(0~360 0 ; resolution: 0.1 0 )
Output frequency: 45Hz~65Hz;
THD(sine wave output): <0.8%
Stability of current during sine wave output:0.05% (180s)
Output wave: sine wave
Output capacity: 30VA per meter position
Voltage source:
Output voltage: 1×30V - 1×300V
Load: The Load could be resistor / inductive /capacitive(<4uF)
Adjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.1V)
Output frequency: 45Hz~65Hz;
THD (sine wave output): <0.8%
Stability of voltage during sine wave output:0.05% (180s)
Output wave: sine wave
Output capacity: 15VA per meter position

4.Goods list of one set equipment
1) Single phase phantom load power source 1
2) Operation manual 1

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