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Portable tester On field

Portable test equipment of three-phase energy table is a new generation of Accurate  AC electrical energy measuring instrument.It is designed for the field calibration of the Three-phase energy meters and the measuring of all kinds of AC parameters.

It uses 32-bit ARM aprocessor,high-resolution color LCD display,multiple 16-bit accurate A/D converter,built-in 0.01 wide range current transformer and can be configured a variety of current clamps,with a very wide measuring range and high measurement accurecy.

Product Description


   。Verifying each kind of single-phase and the three-phase electrical energy table Meter with actual load on site;

   。Measuring various AC parameters:U,I,P,Q,PF,phase angle,frequency,harmonic wave,etc;

   。Judging the false wiring connect according to the vector relations between voltage and electric current, demonstrating vector diagram;

   。Preserved Save and printing the verification’s test result of electrical energy table.

   。Demonstrating the waveform of voltage and electric current,and the bar graph of various subharmonics;

   。Measuring the transformation ratio and phase angle difference of low pressure mutual inductor voltage transformer;

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