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98 position single phase - counting test bench

CNKP-S1100 Single phase Meter Aging bench, it"s appies to the counting and aging test of single phase watthour meter. the control board is equipped with voltage meter, ammeter, phase meter and other indication instruments, with easy operation
1. One hanger carrier could put 96 meters. One power source cabinet could use Max 4 hanger carrier. That’s means one cabinet could put 4 X 96 = 384 meters.
2. It use digital voltage,current ,phase position, indication
3. it use pulse counting and timer counting , when it"s counting to ZERO , it will showing which Meter have problem. 
4. (Option) with RS485 ,connect to PC ,could read each Meter detail. 
5. Install MSVT(Multipath voltage separation PT) . ensure each Meter counting with same power .
6. With current and voltage SWITCH , suitable for different loading use.

Product Description
CNKP-S1100 specification: 

Input power source: - to 50Hz, 220V +/-10%
Operation enviroment: temperature 15 to 25 degree, relative humidity <75%
Output voltage: 220VAC, adjustment range:0 to 120%
Output current: 40A/ 20A/10A/5A/1A, adjustment range:0 to 120%
Output phase: 0 to 360 degree, macro-adjust phase: 30 degree / shift , micro-adjustable phase: 0.1 degree.
Multi-path voltage separation PT is provide for each meter hanger carried to ensure equal electrical level of each meter postion during watt-hour meter counting test.
Max, one bench number of Meter :96 units . one power souce could connect 4 bench , total 4 x 96 meters. (one power source with 4 bench total)
Max power consumption :3500VA
Indication instrument: 
3 1/2-digital display for voltage meter / ammeter power /power meter(phase meter)
Dimension: power supply cabinet: 600 x 800 x 1920 mm
Hanger carrier 1950 x 550 x 1800mm ( 96 meters station)

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