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48 position three phase -- counting test bench 

CNKP-S3100 specification:

About KP-S3100, three phase Meter Aging bench,it"s appies to the counting and aging test of three phase watt-hour meter. the control board is equipped with voltage meter, ammeter, phase meter and other indication instruments, with easy operation
Input power source: - to 50Hz,3x200V +/-10%
Operation enviroment: temperature 20+/-5 degree, relative humidity <75%
Output voltage: 3 x 57VAC /100VAC. 3 X 220VAC/ 380VAC. adjustment range:0 to 120%
Output current: 3 x 40A / 20A / 10A / 5A / 1A. adjustment range:0 to 120%
Output phase: 0 to 360 degree, macro-adjust phase: 30 degree / shift , micro-adjustable phase: 0.1 degree.
Waveform distortion: both voltage and current waveform : no large than 5%
Max, one bench number of Meter :48units . one power souce could connect 6 bench , total 6 x 48 meters. (one power source with 6 bench total)
Indication instrument: 3 1/2-digital display for voltage meter / ammeter power /power meter(phase meter)
Output phase adopts pules counting and timer counting are available.
Over-output-voltage protection and output counting resetting are available,
Max power consumption :3500VA
Diamension: power supply cabinet: 600 x 800 x 1920 mm
Hanger carrier 1950 x 550 x 1800mm ( 48 meters station)

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