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Mobile HV testing transformer of 10kVA/650kV SF6 Gas Insulation

Application Scope and Tested Object

Ø It is HV output by bushing structure, this test transformer can be used at outdoor for AC withstand voltage test of open-type electrical equipments, such as  isolating switch (disconnecting switch),High voltage insulator, insulating rod and so on.

Ø If it with a mouth to mouth HV structure, It also can be used AC withstand  voltage of GIS insulator .

General Operation Conditions:

Ø Altitude: 3000m

Ø Ambient Temperature: -25oC+45oC

Ø Relative Humidity: 90% RH (at 25 oC)

Ø Atmospheric Pressure: 0.1MPa

Ø Atmospheric moisture: 11g/m3

Ø Shock resistance: class  8

Ø Operating Site: Indoor/outdoor

Ø Without firing & explosion danger at site

Ø Set a reliable earthing section, and its earthing resistance is 0.5 ohm

Product Description

The system structure features, parameter & principle

System composition:

it is consisted by SF6 test transformer, portable control box, motor driven regulator, power distribution cabinet, lifting & lowering device unit and so on.



Device Name



SF6 insulation test transformer

One set

Portable control box

One set

with peak voltage meter

Contact type voltage regulator

One set

Motor driven

power distribution cabinet,

One set

lifting & lowering device unit

One set


One set

Cables of main circuit, control circuit, ground wire


the system features:

Ø The test parameters, such as voltage value, current value and withstand voltage time can be preset in


Ø Its operation is manual operating.

Ø Voltage can be continues adjustable, the regulating speed depends on operator

Ø the waveform distortion rate is small.

Ø It has auto zero reset, voltage upper limit, over current, overvoltage breakdown protect function.

Ø It has alarm voice & lamp when protecting, and also can show to operator what kind of protect action.

Ø It has a auto back to zero function.

Ø It has a advantage with small size, light with , easy to transport  and high test efficiency.

the system main parameter

Ø Rated frequency50Hz

Ø Rated voltage650 kV

Ø Rated current0.015 A

Ø Rated capacity (power) 10 kVA

Ø Insulation level740 kV1min

Ø Running time Allowed 15 minutes continues running under 100%Un  of rated current.

SF6 test transformer parameter

Ø Working frequency  50 Hz

Ø Rated voltage 0.38kV/650 kV (input voltage/output voltage)

Ø Rated Current 26A/0.15A (input current/output current)

Ø Rated capacity (power) 10 kVA

Ø Insulation level 740 kV1 min

Ø Running time: Allowed 15 minutes continues running under 100%Un  of rated current.

Ø Rated pressure 0.5 MPa

Ø SF6 gas supplement pressure 0.45 MPa

Ø Sealing property  Yearly gas leakage rate 0.5 %

Ø Rated voltage of measurement winding 65V

Portable control box parameter

Ø Controllable power:                 10kVA

Ø Input voltage                       0380V

Ø Protect function: zero position, over current ,over voltage protection

Ø Measurement meter:                digital type display,class1.5  

Ø Features on structure: besides it is a portable structure, it can monitor the voltage, current of high voltage

side, also can monitor the voltage ,current of low voltage  side.  

Ø Function:

² It can auto voltage decrease when withstand voltage test time over. Its withstand voltage test  timer is a digital display timer.

² Zero voltage position start function. (at the beginning of test, if the voltage of regulator is not at zero position, the voltage will can not be supplied to test transformer).

² it has a  overvoltage ,over current protect  function.

² It can real-time monitor the testing data.

Contact type voltage regulator parameter

Ø Rated power  10kVA 

Ø Input voltage: 380V (line voltage)

Ø Input current 26 A

Ø Output voltage  0420V

Ø Output current 24 A

Ø Feature

² Stepless speed change, stepless voltage adjusting, the speed can be  control by operator.  

² Output wave  is a sine wave.

² Output voltage is a continuous linear  output

² Waveform distortion rate 2%

Power distribution cabinet parameter  

Ø Working frequency 50Hz

Ø Rated current 30A

Ø Rated voltage380V

Ø Max. voltage 420V

Ø Protect levelIP20

Ø Panel setting: each switch , voltage meter, current  meter, switch off indicator light, switch on  indicator


Ø Installation position: it will be installed on the  platform.

Ø Installation site:  indoor installation

Lifting & lowering device unit parameter

Ø Power  source                    380V50Hz;      

Ø Working angle             horizontal 0°, vertical 90° ;

Ø Upright time cost:                    60180s

Ø Operation : motor driven

Ø Function: Lying transport state (Horizontal transport state ), Upright (vertical) working state when testing

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