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Error detecting & measuring vehicle for Instrument Transformer

Application range

To apply high voltage to the voltage transformer and test the error of the voltage transformer.

Test objects can be capacitor voltage transformer, inductive voltage transformer, GIS voltage transformer and other kinds of instrument transformer

Performance characteristics

1、 reasonable dimension, convenient transport for onsite application.

2、Good insulation performance: Designed according to power apparatus insulation structure with high safety factor and reliability.

Product Description

Performance characteristics

  • Simple and reliable drive mechanism, one-step operation makes it ready to work; automatic and manual operation standby each other; Electric supply, Self contained power pack and UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) supply for the drive mechanism to ensure the high reliability

  • High integration, no need for connection between equipments. Easy connection and convenient operation

Typical internal allocation

  • Operator chamber(selectable):Installed with voltage regulator, integrated controller cabinet, intelligent control system. monitor system and other auxiliary equipment. Meanwhile, seats are available for 2 or 3 personnel

  • Operator chamber , debarkation device for apparatus are selectable to mount or not.

  • Remote control or close control: Control in or out of the vehicle; intelligent , analog control and other operation mode are available.

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