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HV Tank Shunt Capacitor


     It is
mainly used in areas with limited space or high seismic requirements.Reactive
power compensation is applied for power frequency power systems to improve
power factor of the power grid, reduce line loss, take full advantage of efficiency
of power supply and distribution as well as improve the quality of power supply
voltage. It has many advantages such as brilliant seismic performance, less
space occupation, easy installation and maintenance, etc.


Main Characteristics

  •  New tank inner capacitor unit. Safe and reliable.

  •  Unit with internal fuse which improves the
    reliablility in tank capacitor functioning.

  • Conpact structure , less space occupation.

  •  Easy installation.

  •  Less exposed conductors,less workload in

Product Description

In the inquiry,  plz  indicate the capacitor’s rated capacity, rated voltage, rated frequency, number of phases, quantity, etc.


When the installation and operation location is above 1000 meters above sea level, please specify clearly in the inquiry.


When the device has other special requirements, it can be specially designed according to customer requirements.

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