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Test bed Test bench for testing transformer

This system are consisted by following units

  • Automatic, manual and on-site monitoring three-in-one work console:industrial computer, laser printers, LCD, LCD digital instrumentation, control button, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, data lock, the scene video monitoring, etc.

  •  Low voltage control cabinet: including relays, contactor, low voltage transformer (low voltage PT), low voltage current transformer(low voltage CT), etc.

  •  Auxiliary instrument: 10A resistance meter, transformer ratio tester, 8 lines of temperature inspection instrument.

Note:  this information is for our standard production, if for more than 110 kv transformer testing stations , special design is necessary.

Product Description

Main functions

This system can run the products inspection tests and type tests for power transformer (dry type, oil type and special type).  The detail test items as  following:

  • No-load test

    no-load loss measurements and the percentage of idle current measurement and conversion

  • Load test

    load loss measurement and impedance voltage measurement and conversion to reference temperature.

  • Induction withstand voltage test

     it can draws process voltage, current curve (discharge phenomena, flashover breakdown phenomenon be clear at a glance

  • No-load current harmonic analysis

     can be analyzed to 19 times harmonics, and calculates the distortion degree.

  • The measurement of Test power frequency, environmental temperature and generator excitation voltage, excitation current.

  • Auxiliary function

    The data input of industrial frequency voltage, insulation resistance, lightning shock, oil test, partial discharge test, etc, to complete the file data and test report .

  • Establish tested object archive

  • Archive management, including browse, search, modification and printing, etc.

  • Printing test reports and test record.

  • Testing site video monitoring.

  • Six channesl of analog oscilloscope display for voltage and current.

  • The main circuit computer simulation screen: it is a intuitive display for where electricity to be sent.

  • DC resistance measurements

  • Transformer ratio measurement.

  • Temperature-rise test

  • Over-current, over-voltage protection

  • Sound and light alarm; 

  • Abrupt stop button protection.


Technical parameters

1  Multifunction voltage meter:

        It can displays to 99999V according to the transformer magnification

       Resolution: 0.001V

       Accuracy:0.2 class

2  True effective value current meter

         It can displays to 99999A according to the transformer magnification


        Accuracy:0.2 class

3   power meter of low power factor

        Range :for voltage: 0-100V,for current:0-5A

        It can displays to 99999W according to the transformer magnification


       accuracy :0.2class (power factor :0.1)

4   Multi-functional meter





    ⑵Environment temperature

           Range :0-200℃。

            Resolution :0.1℃

            Accuracy:0.5 class

    ⑶Excitation voltage, excitation current of generator :

            Range :based on the parameters of generator


            Accuracy :0.5class



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