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AC Series Resonant Test System



Resonant Test Systems is applied for the generation of a continuously variable alternating (AC) voltage of a fixed

frequency (mainly 50 or 60 Hz) for high-voltage (HV) routine, type and development testing of capacitive test

objects. They can also be applied for HV on-site tests, but POWER offers for that application the more economic

solution of frequency-tuned resonant test systems.


Capacitive test objects are cables, capacitors, gas insulated switchgear (GIS), but also large rotating

machines, instrument and power transformers (for applied voltage tests). Resonant test systems enable not only

HVAC tests at 50/60 Hz, but also at higher or lower frequency (10-300 HZ) and dynamic tests with fast

voltage changes (e. g. for capacitors). Because of their precise sine-wave, resonant test systems are very well

suited for the combinations of HVAC withstand tests with partial discharge (PD) measurement. POWER adapts the

resonant test systems to the requirements of the relevant standards and the demand of the customer.

Product Description

The main advantage of resonant test systems is the low power demand, because only the losses in the test circuit

must be replaced from the power supply. The quality factor Q which is the relation between the test power S

and the loss power P ranges between Q = 10 and values up to 100, this means only 10 to 1 % of the test power

must be supplied. A resonant test system is remarkably lighter, cheaper and more economic than an AC

transformer test system and should be applied if the test objects are capacitive. In case of a disruptive discharge

the test object is not destroyed, because the systems goes out of resonance. POWER resonant test systems

are characterized by a very modern system configuration and have proven highest reliability.


Tunable inductance reactor modules for series resonant circuits are available between 250 and 1200 kV and test

power between 1000 and 20000 kVA


Tunable frequency modules for series resonant circuits are available between 100 and 1600 kV and test power

between 50 and 9000kVA.(Typical Frequency adjustment between 20-300 Hz)

Additional features and accessories:

  • Resonant circuits with variable frequency

  • low voltage power filter

  • Partial discharge (PD) measuring system including blocking impedance)

  • Compressed gas capacitor

  • Capacitance and dissipation factor measuring instrument

  • Moveable design

  • Made solution upon customer's request

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