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Measurement and control system for HV testing equipment

1. Introduction of measurement & control system for HV testing equipment:

The measurement and control integration system for HV testing equipment such as impulse voltage generator (measurement and control system for short, same as below) is composed of computer, TDS3014B oscilloscope, communication system, separation module and relevant software; The system can make record and analyze automatically, the system is of favorable electromagnetic compatibility, which can work stably and reliably in unfavorable electromagnetic environment.

The operating software is based on the WINDOWS operating system, which guarantees the compatibility and generality of the system. The interface is intuitive, the operation is simple and convenient, as shown in figure 1.


2.  Main Functions

1. Measuring function: collection, communication and screen display of the waveform data of lightning impulse, carrier wave, switching impulse and steep wave impulse. 

2.  Set the oscilloscope automatically according to the set voltage ratio, testing category, the tested voltage and polarity.

3. The waveform information collected by oscilloscope is transmitted to computers automatically.

4. The analysis and display of waveform parameter, such as amplitude, wave front time, wave tail time, overshoot etc.

5. The storage and call-out of waveform.

6.  The zoom in and zoom out of waveform, and other operation function of TDS3012C oscilloscope panel.

7. Manual switching on and off.

8. Manual adjusting sphere gap.

9. Manual charging.

10. Manual ignition

11. Manual polarity conversion.

12. Open circuit or short circuit of steel strip manually .

13. The start and stop control of blower manually.

14. Automatic test: By setting the charging voltage, finish a series of action such as the setting of oscilloscope, the steel strip open circuit, the polarity conversion, the adjusting of sphere gap , the charging, the ignition. 


Product Description

3.  Main Technical Indexes

 The sampling speed: 1.25G

 The bandwidth: 100M

 The number of paths: 24

 The resolution rate: 9Bit

 The power of source: <1000W

 The quantity of digital input and output: 16  input, 16 output.

 Analog input: 7 Routes

Computer: P4, 512M memory, 19 inches wide screen monitor.

4.   System Compositions

 TDS  3012C digital oscilloscope

 PC   computer.

 Liquid crystal display.

 Digital communication system.

 The analysis software of waveform.

 The software of system control and communication.

 Isolated power.

 Secondary control circuit.

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