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High voltage divider

High-voltage dividers are used to measure voltages and decouple partial discharges in high-voltage test systems. Depending on the specific type, they are used to measure alternating voltage (AC), direct voltage (DC), lightning impulse voltage (LI), and switching impulse voltage (SI) systems. High-voltage dividers by PowerHV comply with the relevant IEC standards 60060, 61083, and 60052. The systems are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Description

AC capacitor, Series TAWF for AC Measurement upto 2250kV

  • For measuring AC voltage

  • For decoupling PD signals

  • For use as basic load for resonant test systems

  • Components of a high-voltage filter to reduce the PD background noise level

Resistive voltage divider, Series DZF for DC Measurement upto 2400kV

Damped capacitive voltage divider, Series RZF

  • For measuring AC and impulse voltage up to 1,500 kV AC and 6,000 kV LI

  • For use as basic load for impulse voltage test systems

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