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Transformer Oil On-line Monitoring System

Transformer Oil On-line Monitoring System adopts oil gas degassing technology that combines vacuum and ultrasound, uses the international newest high efficiency compound chromatographic column and high-precision sensor to accurately analyze seven gases with fault features including hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), ethane C2H6), ethylene (C2H4), acetylene (C2H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and to assist in realizing on-line analysis of micro-water in oil.

Transformer fault information can be captured promptly by using Transformer Oil On-line Monitoring System to scientifically guide the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Product Description

Structure and principle:

GTCA-3600 system data collector uses broad-spectrum gas chromatographic analysis basic principle to realize on-line monitoring of gases dissolved in transformer oil.

Oil and gas separation is realized to transformer oil via oil-gas separator under the action of excitation from vacuum and ultrasound. Gases with fault characteristics are introduced to quantitative chamber after impurities are removed via cold trap. Mixed fault gases in quantitative chamber are separated sequentially through chromatographic column which has different affinity functions to different gases under the action of carrier gas. Gas sensor detects gases with fault characteristics in appearance order one by one and converts concentration characteristics of fault gas into electric signals. The central CPU of the data collector converts and stores electric signals. The embedded industrial personal computer of the data collector obtains routine monitoring raw data of this computer via RS485 communication. Embedded data analysis software analyzes data to work out all components and total hydrocarbon content of fault gas respectively. Background main control computer fault diagnosis expert system comprehensively analyzes and diagnoses chromatography data of transformer oil to realize on-line monitoring analysis of transformer fault. Data collector is capable of multiply outputting passive contact alarm signals on the spot which directly enter user automatic control system.

A single data collector collects and analyzes obtained running status data of transformer oil and uploads the data to the background main control computer of the system via LAN switch. Data is handled via system-specific comprehensive analysis and fault diagnosis software to realize system functions such as report, data trend analysis, fault diagnosis and alarm, TCP/IP data remote transmission and control and form transformer station network type on-line chromatogram monitoring system for gas in transformer oil uniformly controlled by background main control computer.

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