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AWWA standard water meter

Name : 

Multi-jet dry type Water Meter can meet AWWA Standard

Applications :

Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipline

Optional features :

Pulse output for selecting

Water  temperature: 40C degree centigrade

Water  pressure: 1.6Mpa

Standards: AWWA

Features :

The meter is a velocity-type meter;Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance;Copper encapsulated register and heat-treated glass to eliminate dirt, moisture, infiltration and lens fogging;The register can be replaced without removing the meter from the line; The register has a straight-reading odometer type display and a 360  test circle with center sweep hand, a low flow test dial hand, a leak indicator; A 360-degree polymer basket strainer protects the measuring elements from damage The main case is made of no-lead bronze;The main case with threaded ends has wrench pads to aid installation; The main case with flanged ends has a test port to permit in-line testing;


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