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GPRS water meter

1. Application:


GPRS wireless communicating water meter and 485 wired communicating water meter are used for measuring the total volume of water consumption flowing through pipeline, can transmit signal of water consumption for long distance to secondary instrument to realize remote supervision and count water consumption.



2. Features:


2.1 This series water meter is type of Woltman water meter, magnetic transmission is applied between vane wheel and counter, combination display of print wheel and pointer, with the features of reading conveniently, long term clearly, high accurately and longer life span. Can send one signal for water volume of 1L/10L/100L and transmit water consumption volume to output pulse signal. With the feature of strong capability of anti interference.


2.2 Passive transmission, can output ideal square wave signal without power source, can apply two wire system or three wire system according to customer’s requirement, the distance of remote transmission can reach 1Km.


2.3 With high accuracy, with the function of self holding and overcome sending signal by mistake for transition point virbration. Measuring accuracy can conform to ISO4064 Standard.


2.4 With the function of antimagnetic, applying stainless steel shell with shielding layer can prevent magnetic field interference effectively, and can protect from water stealing occurred.


2.5 With the checking function for short circuit, open circuit and error alarm. Supervise improper water consumption status timely.


2.6 With the feature of well-adapted, can design each volume switch of water consumption for volume 0.001m3/0.01 m3/0.1 m3/1 maccording to customer’s requirement.


2.7 With the features of waterproof for applying full sealing structure. Can accumulate water consumption volume despite of water meter in correct connection or reverse connection and can prevent stealing water occurred while water meter in reverse connection.


2.8 With universal using, can adapt technology requirement of different meter reading system according to customer’s specified requirement, output pulse width of remote communicating water meter is more than 80ms.





Product Description

3. Main Technical Parameter


3.1 Water temperature: 0.10C to 300C for cold water meter with pulse output, 0.10C to 900C for hot water meter with pulse output.


3.2 Water pressure: less than 1MPa


3.3 Output signal is pulse signal (conform to ISO 4064 Standard). Type of signal is reed switch element pulsing or Hall element pulsing. While applying Hall element pulsing, the working current is 5mA to 10mA or less than 20uA, please make statement while place order.


3.4 Size less than DN50 water meter applied battery, applied AC and battery for water meter with above size DN50.


3.5 Controller provides communication function with GPRS communicating mode.


3.6 Data collecting communication: apply interface RS485 bus, the Max. transmission is 1000meters (1200bps), communication error rate is less than 10-6.

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