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Coaxial Rotary Piston Water Meter

Name :

Coaxial Volumetric Rotary Piston Water Meter

Model : LXHT-15~20

Applications :

Measuring the volume of cold  water passing through the pipeline

Optional features :

Can be equipped with reed switch option

Features :

Ensures high sensitivity and accurate registration throughout a wide flow range;Low starting flow rate and excellent metrological performance;Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance;Magnetic shield, use for external magnetic field protection;Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading;Register can rotate not more than 360°;Exchangeable base meter;The base meter can be removed from the meter for checking, maintaining and replacing, and the body does not need dismantle from the pipeline;Internal strainer

Water  temperature:

≤40 degree C

Water  pressure:



ISO 4064 Class C 


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