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NSF certification multi jet water meter

Product Description

  Introduction of AWWA standard multi-jet dry type water meter


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 Introduction of AWWA standard multi-jet dry type water meter

Name : Multi-jet dry type water meter

This Multi-jet dry type Water Meter can meet AWWA Standard C708 and with the certificate of NSF-61.

This type water meter is IMPELLER (turbine) water meter with dry type register for residential application with sizes from 5/8” to 2”. 

Applications :

Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipline.


This is top loaded water meter, consists of three basic components: main case, measuring chamber and a head ring. The main cases of all sizes are constructed using by Brass Alloy or ECO brass Alloy.

Optional features:

Water flows through the meter's strainer (inlet and internal) and into the measuring chamber where it drives the impeller. A driving magnet transmits the movement of the impeller to a driven magnet located within the sealed register. The magnet is connected to a gear train which translates the impeller rotates into volume totalizators displayed on the register dial face.


              ØAll the Materials in contact with water, consciously selected by the known resistance to corrosion;

              ØThe body without coating and the Coupling (touch with water) made by Brass Alloy or ECO BRASS Alloy;

              ØCold water meter  can be used safely in  water temperature lower than  50(T50);

              ØThe Impeller is the only moving parts in contact with water permitting the most reliable;

              ØThe extra inlet filter at the inlet of the meter body permits cleaning it without breaking the metrological seal;

              ØThe conception of the Magnetic Protection to against the external influences;

              ØNon Return Valve to avoid the reserve flow Rate AS OPTION;

Pulse output pre-equipped or pulse output assembly:

pulse output device.jpg

Gallon pulse output.jpg


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